I’m doing the Running Man!

Well, to be more precise, I am doing the running, man.

Four miles last night on the treadmill and feeling mighty fine.
Long term, I’m hoping to run the 10k at the Vulcan Run in November(?)

We’ll see.


Happy, Happy!

And you thought your land was happy.
Check out the joy in this eastern European nation.
Highlights include: The Cute Little Girl Banana Dance, The Thai Food Dark Alley, and The Huge 12 Slot Casino!
And as always, there are only 3 words in the lyrics.

Diamond is Equipped – with Glare!

Doing some intro animations for the company I work for and I just found the Glare Filter Node in the new SVN version of blender that I downloaded to run on Gutsy!

A render test from a while ago…

This test was inspired by:

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Where’s the men’s shampoo?

Seriously.   Where?  I’m standing in Publix with my kids and for the life of me, I can’t find a shampoo that doesn’t want to infuse, enrich or otherwise alter the chemistry of my follicles.  I’d like to be able to lather, rinse and repeat without having to calculate how much time the conditioner has been in and then multiply that number by the degree of shinyness that has been determined at the factory to upgrade my coif into a fashion statement.
I just want to wash my smurfing hair!

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just starting out!

Don’t judge this post too harshly, it’s my first.
Check this out:
Linux is good to me!

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